Cabinet and Drawer Latch Options

One of the main rules of storage when it comes to RVs and camper vans is that everything will move. A lot. The last thing you want to happen when cruising is to have doors and drawers fly open, strewing their contents all over the vehicle. Not only is it a major pain cleaning up, it’s also a huge safety hazard.

When it comes to securing your cabinets and drawers, there are quite a few options available these days, and they’re quite affordable. Here are some of the more common options for fastening your cargo.

Push Button Latches

These latches are hugely popular, and for good reason. They have 3 big advantages over other solutions.

  1. They mechanically fasten the door or drawer. No need to worry about magnet strength here, they physically restrain your items.
  2. When engaged, they typically sit flush with the face of the cabinet. The tight space in a camper van means anything sticking out will get bumped into or snagged on.
  3. You can visually tell if a door is secured by whether or not the push button is protruding or not.

Push button latches come in a wide variety of styles and colors, here are a few of our favorites. Note that these are less expensive options that what you’ll typically find at RV and boat resellers.

Encell Set of 3 Push Button Lock for RV Motorhome Boat Cabinets
Available in chrome or nickel
OCGIG 5 PCS Push Button Latch Cabinet Door Catch
Available in black, chrome, gold, champagne and silver
Encell Set of 4 Push Latch Catch for RV
These are a great option if you need a larger grab area than the typical cylinder shape. Available in black, satin nickel, chrome, and gold.
Purocean Metal Push Button Latch Square Push Lock

Simple Magnetic Latches

If you absolutely know that a door or cabinet won’t experience too much force pushing it open, a magnet can be a great option for keeping things closed. While it’s risky, these provide the cleanest look and often require no knob at all. These typically come in various strengths for a stronger, or weaker hold.

You can also typically find these in the push latch style. Push in the door or drawer to let it spring out for easier grasping.

JQK Magnetic Cabinet Door Catch, Stainless Steel
Cabinet Magnetic Catch Jiayi 4 Pack Ultra Thin
Mousike Cabinet Magnets 30lb Black Door Magnets
Magnetic Push Latch

Barrel Bolt Latches

Old school. If you’re looking for incredibly strong, no-nonsense locks with a rustic look and feel, barrel bolts are an option.

2 Pack Barrel Bolt, Upgrade 3 Inches Slide Latch Lock
BokWin 2Pcs 3 Inch Door Latch Lock Slide Bolt, Solid Aluminium
2 Pack Black Slide Door Bolt Latch, 5 inches Barrel Bolt
Runningfish Antique Barrel Bolt Buckle Heavy Duty, Solid Brass
YES Time 2 Pcs Zinc Alloy Sliding Door Latch Barrel Bolt Cabinet Lock

Roller Latches

Also an inexpensive option, this style of latch uses spring loaded rollers to grasp a metal extension added to the drawer or cabinet.

Double Roller Catch with Spear, 2-Pack
QCAA Heavy Duty Solid Brass Adjustable Silent Roller Catch
BTMB Cold Rolled Steel Cupboard Closet Cabinet Door Double Ball Roller Catch Latch
Pro Pack of 5Pcs, Plastic Double Roller Catches

Magnetic Child Safety Lock Latches

These are interesting, if not a bit fussy. The idea is that you use a magnet as a “key” to deactivate the latch. The biggest advantage these types of locks have is that they are completely hidden. The biggest downside is that if you lose the magnet, you’re probably locked out of your cabinet. Oh, and don’t leave the magnet itself inside of a lockable door, we know folks who have done this.

Not our favorite style, but if you’re interested in a super clean look with no visible locks (or even handles), you might want to take a look.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks (12-Pack 2 Keys) Baby Proofing & Child Safety by Skyla Homes
Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks
20 Pack Magnetic Cabinet Locks