Great YouTube Channels for Van Life

There’s little doubt that YouTube is an amazing resource for people looking to live a van life. Weekend warriors, full-time van lifers, DIY’ers, they’re all there. We’ve watched thousands of van tours and builds by now, here are some of our favorite YouTube channels related to camper vans. Hope you enjoy our selection.

Vanlife Sagas

Marie and Dom not only have amazing taste in van design, but their sense of humor and personality are irresistible. The cast of characters (family) in their videos are sitcom worthy.

Nate Murphy

If you’ve ever searched for camper van videos, you’ve almost certainly seen Nate’s work. Tons of van tours and other inspirational content.

Jarrod Tocci

Comedian and full-time van lifer, Jarrod Tocci does terrific van tours and interviews. Incredibly helpful for ideas on how to build a better van.

Will Prowse

Will’s specialty is DIY solar power systems and electricity in general. You won’t see many vans on this channel, but if you’re looking to build your own electrical system, he’s your guy.

Tiny Home Tours

Beautifully produced videos about people who choose to live in vans, skoolies and traditional (tiny) homes.

Exploring Alternatives

Similar to Tiny Home Tours, Exploring Alternatives looks at all sorts of non-traditional ways of living.

New Jersey Outdoor Adventures

Patrick finds some truly amazing campers, and gives you the inside scoop.


Follow Chrome and Cruz as they live the off-grid, nomadic life.


Ben has some amazing build videos and honestly documents the ups and downs of van life.

Louis The Van

Only a handful of videos from Scarlett and Seth thus far, but their taste is impeccable. As a result, we get a few, well produced videos.

Van Clan

From micro campers to Earthroamers, excellent inspiration.


Creative solutions for tiny spaces.

Mobile Dwellings / Gilligan Phantom

DIY skoolie conversion with style.


If you need some advice regarding electrical options for your van or RV, look no further.


Follow along as KC builds an Earth-roaming expedition camper.

Dares Drives

Jeff shows you all of good and bad parts of customizing a camper van.