Choosing a Refrigerator for your Camper Van

The world of camper van refrigeration options for mobile living is a complex one, we’re here to help. Compressor vs. Absorption We’re only going to be talking about compressor refrigerators for this guide, since absorption cooling is a little more specialty by nature. The headline is this: compressor-based cooling is what most people are used […]

Cabinet and Drawer Latch Options

Here are some great options when you need to make sure those cabinets and drawers stay closed.

Camper and RV Fresh Water Tank Options

Picking a water tank is typically one of the first steps in a new camper build. The size, shape and location of the tank dictates quite a few subsequent design decisions. A few questions to consider: Are you going to mount inside or outside the vehicle? Are you going to try and optimize space by […]

Custom Camper Van Builders

If you’re not looking to DIY your camper van, these companies can do the work for you. Some of them will do partial builds to get your essentials in place if you’d like to still add your own unique touch. Here’s a list of builders you can reach out to, grouped by state. Alabama Gearbox […]